KTI can help our clients define the best business processes that align with the technology, complement the business strategy, and make life easier for the people. Technology investments should serve people. This means that it is important to consider the business processes that will go with the new technology investment. It is equally important to provide the training so that people can see how the technology can help them do their jobs in a better way. Training in this sense is more than what the vendor will typically provide. The vendor will provide training on the technology. It is left to the business to determine how the technology gets translated into various business processes and how each employee must be trained about both the technology and business processes. Cybersecurity provides an excellent example. Large investments can be committed to improving cybersecurity technology, but if the related business processes are not defined and/or the people are not trained, the investment may not achieve what was envisioned. Performance is only achieved when all three gears of the engine are in alignment (people, processes, and technology) and reliable.
Ongoing support and maintenance are critical elements for the reliability of any key product or process and it is the same for technology investments. KTI will help our clients identify the right vendor SMA terms and costs as well as help identify training schedules and training content for people. KTI can also help the client build a sustainable learning environment with various best practices.

Finally, KTI can help our clients keep their technology plans updated based on lessons learned and project outcomes.