KTI’s assistance with planning is focused on technology investments. Technology investments often involve substantial capital commitments especially when considering business processes and people training in addition to the technology acquisition costs. Technology planning helps to ensure that these investments fit from both a functional and financial standpoint. The functional assessment employs research, on site interviews, and cross-functional workshops to define the strengths and weaknesses of the existing technology relative to local business strategy. Using best practices and industry knowledge, KTI will recommend approaches that result in a strengthening of the technology plan to better support the local business strategy. One of the outcomes of the functional assessment is a technology roadmap that defines the technology plan in a practical, manageable way while identifying the steps including content, timeline, and budget. The roadmap may not only feature new technology, it may also feature enhancements to existing technology and business processes.
The financial assessment uses recent market-based pricing of the chosen technology to provide a close approximation of the acquisition costs. Ownership costs and benefits are estimated to arrive at a final business case. The estimated ownership costs and benefits are developed through on-site workshops, interviews, research and KTI’s deep experience with member-owned and public-owned utilities. The estimate includes considerations for local business policies, business processes, and estimated implementation costs. The business case will provide common financial metrics like forecasted cashflow, ROI, and payback.

The output of planning services commonly includes presentation documentation, reports, and assistance with presenting the information to boards and government bodies. KTI also commonly provides updates to the planning document at various stages including post-RFP and post-deployment.