Implementation is what follows planning and acquisition. At this stage, the plan or part of the plan is being put into service and the overall technology plan is in place, the business case is complete, and purchase orders are being placed for the system verification test (pilot). It is important that the initial purchase orders are limited and provide for first article testing to ensure compliance before large volume deployments ensue. KTI will assist with first article testing including verification of hardware configurations, nameplates, etc. KTI will also assist with system verification testing including assistance with site selection, testing criteria, data analysis, and vendor coordination. Once system verification is complete, KTI’s effort will transition to managing the larger volume implementation project that includes project management services to facilitate timely communications, on-time schedules and budget compliance. KTI’s project manager works closely to coordinate between the utility project lead and the vendors’ and contractors’ project management teams. This approach keeps the utility’s interests at the forefront of project execution while easing up on the time commitment and project management expertise required of the utility’s lead project person. Coordination of hardware, software, IT infrastructure, integration services, installation services, testing and training requires detailed accounting of the activity calendar and resource list.