The acquisition process starts with on-site visits with leadership and the acquisition team. The leadership visit is to clarity how the acquisition is expected support business strategy and to ensure a compatible people communications/accountability process. The acquisition team visit kicks off a method for broad communication across functional departments and helps drive cross functional input for the needs and expectations. More detailed interview sessions are then conducted with individuals or small groups from each department or function.
With data collected from the on-site visits, KTI will put together draft documents including specifications, use cases, and commercial documents. These documents are designed to cover the needs identified in the on-site visits, as well as recommended best practices. KTI will assist in identifying the list of RFP invitees and KTI can take the lead in managing the solicitation process including sending out the RFP, managing key dates, managing reminders, and managing any questions and answers.

Upon proposal submission, KTI will analyze the proposals for commercial and technical comparisons and compliance. A compliance matrix will be built using pivot tables to allow easy quantitative analysis as well as qualitative comparisons by using drill downs within the pivot tables. KTI will lead the question and answer process including coordinating and conducting short list meetings and reference visit meetings. All data from proposal analysis, short list meetings, and references visits are then used to build out the cross functional decision-making tool. Final decisions or recommendations typically come from the acquisition team and are supported with data-based documentation to support the decision. Once approval is received to proceed from the appropriate authority(s), KTI will assist with contract negotiations. KTI can provide guidance and input on what has worked with past negotiations to reach an agreement while protecting the client from unnecessary risk.